Rapz Wear: 2015 Spring Colour

Fashion trends can be hard to keep up with – they are constantly changing! Each spring a new “it” colour emerges and we’re here to share it with you to take the guess-work out of staying current.
So, are you ready for this? This spring’s “it” colour is…
That’s right – this spring look for jewel tone colours like light blues, greens, and greys.
The great thing about these colours is that they’re universally flattering and really easy to find! They also make for really great colour choices for beach-wear, which is why it’s lucky these tones are on trend for 2015!
If you’re looking to incorporate aquamarine and similar colours into your wardrobe, it’s very easy to do. You might consider starting with turquoise jewelry for a pop of colour, or a trendy blue/green eyeliner just under the eye! You can also look for flow-y fabrics on the blue/green spectrum that give you a light as air feel.
Even better? Did you know aquamarine is a proven stress-reducing colour? Probably because we associate it with the beach! Its calming effect is pleasing to the eye and ever-fashionable.
So, when it comes to beach wear for this spring, look no further than aquamarine! If you want to stick to basic colours like white or black for your bathing suit, consider a jewel tone coverup, or even start as small as painting your toenails blue!
However you choose to rock aquamarine and similar colours this spring, you’re sure to look like an eye-catching goddess!
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