Summer Is Winding Down

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With the summer season already winding down, we are looking toward the 2016 holiday/beach season. A lot of you are probably thinking about the fabulous hot spots you’re going to visit. Planning vacations doesn’t only mean thinking about airlines and hotels, it also usually involves thinking about what we are going to pack. 

We all know that packing space is usually at a premium, whether you’re packing for a day trip to the beach or a vacation somewhere tropical, which is why we gravitate to pieces that are multifunctional. We all want versatile items that make us look and feel great. Our cross body cover up is a great addition to anyone’s closet and comes in 2 sizes, sm/med and lg/xl and is available in black and silver. It is a classic item that will remain in your closet for years to come. The great thing about starting with a neutral colour is that its so easy to bring it into the current colour season with accessories like shoes, jewelry or a purse.

Here are our top 3 ways to wear it:

1- with a pair of wedges and some great statement jewelry for dinner and drinks

2- over a pair of leggings, with some cute sandals for a casual day out shopping

3- over your bathing suit, looking fabulous on the beach

With so many great ways to wear it, its the perfect item to pick up before your next trip….and trust us when we say you’ll be grateful for the extra room it will leave you in your suitcase that we are always searching for to pack back souvenirs and other great finds.

Please check out the rest of our line and pick your favourites.

Safe travels, see you at the beach

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