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Summer Is Winding Down

With the summer season already winding down, we are looking toward the 2016 holiday/beach season. A lot of you are probably thinking about the fabulous hot spots you’re going to visit. Planning vacations doesn’t only mean thinking about airlines and hotels, it also usually involves thinking about what we are going to pack.  We all know that packing space is… Read more →

Welcome to the team, Grana!

    With a New Year comes exciting announcements! We want to introduce you to our newest member at Rapz Wear! We are so excited to have Grana on our team. Meet Grana, born and raised in Dubai, Grana has long been familiar way different values and visual tastes mix to create something beautiful. Moving to Toronto in 2004, she has… Read more →

3 Reasons Crochet Wear Is So In Right Now

Crochet is one of the most chic knits that’s out there, and for good reason! There are so many updated and fashionable options when it comes to crochet wear and it’s the perfect material for a beach coverup! We’re seeing it more and more on beaches, runways, and for street-style. So, what makes it so great? 1. It’s the perfect… Read more →