There are lots of things to consider when you’re choosing a new bathing suit.
We often don’t think of how a certain colour will alter how a suit looks on us, but the truth is, it makes a big difference. Here are some ways to choose the most flattering colour for your skin tone. Of course, these are just guidelines and if you find something that makes you feel great you should go for it regardless of the colour!

Pale Skin: Light blues and purples and other pastel colours are great choices for light skin. Very dark colours like black and brown may wash you out. If you have blue eyes, blue clothing will highlight their colour, and the same goes for green eyes and green clothes.

Medium or Olive Skin: Earth-tone clothing is especially flattering on medium or olive skin tones. Look for nude, khaki, beige, and deep red colour bathing suits. Golds and oranges may make olive skin look sallow, so that is also something to keep in mind.

Dark Skin: Bright colour bathing suits like blue and pink and white look wonderful on dark skin. Khaki and nude tones are not only great for olive skin, but dark skin too. Look for colours in contrast to your hair and eye colour as they tend to be the most flattering.

If you’re looking for other ways to make sure your bathing suit is the most flattering choice for your body, there are some other things you can do. If you want to give the appearance of a larger bust, try a pattern, maybe some ruffles or fringe, and bright colours on your bathing suit top. The same goes for emphasizing a smaller backside. If you want to minimize attention to areas you are less comfortable with, wear darker or muted tones.

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Confidence and a big smile will always be the greatest way to feel like your best self at the beach! Do you have a favourite bathing suit? What do you love about it?