Collection Automne

      Introducing Rapz Lifestyle Clothing's captivating new fall lineup, proudly crafted in Canada. Discover a stunning array of dresses, leggings, and pants, all meticulously designed for the perfect fit and style. Experience the cozy elegance of our Rapz shacket, a unique fusion of sweater and jacket, perfect for the changing seasons. Embrace the versatility of our tunics, ideal for effortless layering. You'll love the sustainable luxury of our bamboo pieces, and our prints and seasonal colours add a touch of autumn charm. Trust in the durability and quality that's tailor-made for Canadian fall weather, so you can stay comfortable and fashionable throughout the season. 
      Kerchief Tunic
      RAPZ Shacket
      Wrap Dress
      V-Neck Top
      Wrap Pant
      Eyelash Bodice
      Pocketed Pant
      The Coat Scarf
      Evening Kimono
      Pencil Skirt
      Bodice Sleevy
      Wool Cape